Tips For Choosing Security Guard Uniforms For Your Employees

In order to command a strong sense of presence and security, it is imperative that security guard uniforms are appropriate due to the high visibility of this occupation. The security detail of any organisation also sets the tone and represents the image of the workplace, so it is essential that the security guard uniform is of an impeccable standard.

Safety is a basic need for all humans and the requirement for adequate safety personnel in the public and private sector has heightened greatly in the last few decades. Thus, it is vital that when we buy security guard uniforms online, there must be a standardised uniformity to the apparel without sacrificing comfort and efficiency. Vini’s range of security guard uniforms offers an extensive variety of fabrics, colours and styles appropriately customised for all seasons and all forms of protective duty.

Here are a few helpful tips when choosing security guard uniforms for your employees:

  1. Type of uniform: Security guard uniforms are differentiated by the kind and range of protection required by the wearer which array from standard uniforms to those with padding and bullet-proof vests. It is first important to be certain about the duty and level of protection expected from your guard before choosing the uniform. A standard security guard uniform would consist of either a long or short-sleeved shirt and trousers with a holster if required to carry an armed weapon or baton along with adequate number of pockets for flashlights, keys, etc.
  2. Visibility: Depending on the range and location of the work required, it is crucial to determine how visible the security guard should be. For inconspicuous work indoors, colours ranging from dark blue, black and grey should be chosen, while for outdoors, it should be lighter shades of the same colours. Reflective panels and functional but weather-worthy unfirms work best for all seasons and all hours of the day. Visit Vini’s vast range of security guard uniforms to find a customised fit for all your requirements.
  3. Comfort and function: Security guards spend shifts of eight hours or more, mostly on their feet patrolling or ensuring that safety is maintained in a certain area. It is vital that the uniforms worn by them are comfortable but also efficient so as to not hinder access and movement when action is required. The fabric opted for should be specific to the weather of the region and of a durable quality that can withstand the elements as well as wear and tear.

Branding and Purpose: The specific industry for which the security guard is required to perform one’s duty is a determinant for the uniform required by the wearer. The logo of the company along with the guards’ name will create a feeling of belonging and will ensure responsibility and action in the required situations. To buy security guard uniforms online visit Vini’s and select from a wide range of customisable options

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