A story of courage

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Hirawat


Mrs. Neha Hirawat


With a dream in his eyes, and some money in his pocket, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Hirwat, ( Founder) started small. His endeavour was to look for a piece of land in Andhra Pradesh, where he planned to establish his own factory. The land that he found was barren, deserted and not in demand. Yet the locals encouraged him. Trusting his gut instinct, he bought the land in 2013. He named his company Vinis.

What followed over was a saga of pride. He started the factory with three workers only. Today, it has grown into a sprawling spread of 3 acres and has 240 machines and 300 skilled labourers. He started humbly, manufacturing garments for the middle class consumer. Soon, he found to his surprise that the market had huge untapped potential in terms of demand for other kinds of customised garments.

He started manufacturing customised garments supplying to industries as widely different as education, healthcare, corporate houses, and hospitality; his USP being high quality, long-lasting, breathable, and stretchable garments at unbeatable prices, smartly designed fits and styles, colour coordinated themes, a range of sizes with customisation and embroidery options, and last but not the least, a broad distribution network.

The results were phenomenal. Satisfied customers kept returning; and the company created a wide distribution network with stores in both residential and commercial areas.

Today, Vinis has earned its place as a leading uniform manufacturing brand in Andhra Pradesh. The company manufactures high-quality and elegant uniforms.

The organisation is ISO 9001 certified and known for its ethical working practises. Moreover, with conservation being a priority, it sources its raw materials sustainably.

Mr. Sanjay, remains at the helm of affairs, heading the company and mentoring his staff and workers. He is closely supported by his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Neha Hirawat, (Co – Founder). Being a woman she supports women empowerment and has recruited and trained many women employees within the company.

She is working with a vision of making quality uniforms available to every corner of India.

Moreover, during the lockdowns she realised the importance of having an online presence to boost sales of their products & making quality uniforms accessible at ease.

She remains committed determined to achievinge their goal of quality clothing at smart prices, continuing to believe in the wisdom that “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”