The Best Customised Medical Scrubs in India with Branding

Having to work long hours at the hospital for doctors and nurses and spending maximum time on one’s feet can be cumbersome for many in the medical industry. This can however be combatted with comfortable, customised embroidered scrubs stitched from premium quality fabric with individualised branding in order to add a touch of flair to an otherwise monotonous uniform. Branding customisations of the scrub with name, logo or designation of the organisation and the medical nurse or doctor is an imperative addition to any uniform.

Vini’s scrub uniforms are made with skin-friendly fabric in a variety of colours with customisations ranging from fabric, pockets, drawstrings and embroidered scrub branding in various styles. To buy scrubs online in India it is important to browse through the collection of scrubs available in order to find the best fit for all.

Customisable scrubs with branding: Having one’s name on an embroidered scrub provides a degree of dignity and respect to the doctor or nurse. It also creates a more comforting environment for the patient as it ensures an atmosphere of trust between both the medical professional and the patient. The names of each medical professional along with one’s degree and designation can be embroidered on the scrub in various colours and styles. The options are endless and individualised customisation can be altered depending on the requirement.

Branding scrubs with names ensures independence of each doctor and nurse, yet also allows for a feeling of unity amidst medical professionals who spend a large amount of their time at the hospital taking care of the afflicted.  Branding on a scrub also promotes the name of the hospital or institution and establishes trust in onlookers. It also allows for a sense of uniformity among the various departments of doctors and nurses working in the hospital relentlessly.

Medical scrubs should have the name of the organisation along with the name of the wearer on the front of the uniform so as to ensure uniqueness. Embroidering the scrub with logo of the organisation creates homogeneity and a sense of unity while also guaranteeing an added level of accountability for the medical professional. It also allows for citizens to recognise and alert the doctor or a nurse in a situation of emergency.

The name of the medical professional should be added below the logo of the hospital to represent the individual and the institution and to make patients feel more at ease when interacting with the doctor or nurse on a first name basis. Scrubs are usually worn for long hours of the day and are exposed to various external contaminants and chemicals. Therefore, they must be resistant to damage without sacrificing comfort and ease of access to the wearer. Cotton blend scrubs composed of anti-microbial fabric should provide the necessary protection and durability needed daily by all doctors and nurses. Scrubs are worn for numerous purposes such as to symbolise uniformity and protection to protecting the wearer from external harm. Scrubs are also worn for efficiency and comfort during long hours of physically demanding work. However, adding a personal touch to scrubs in the form of embroidering one’s name can customise this mandatory attire for the medical professional and transform it into more than just a uniform.

Buy scrub suits online from Vini’s range of medical hospitality uniforms, which allow for various forms of customisation, such as scrubs with name, logo, or designation in various embroidered fabric and styles to ensure an extra level of personalisation and comfort.

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