A woman’s guide to choosing scrubs that fit vinisuniforms.com

Scrub uniforms are a necessity with regard to the medical sector as they provide the wearer much needed protection from pathogens, contamination, and bodily fluids between both the wearer and the patient. Scrubs are often designed specifically for comfort and durability during long work hours and must ensure efficiency by not serving as a hindrance in a crisis. Thus, well-fitting scrubs are essential for protection from external contamination as well as to not negatively impact the nature of work required.

By opting for ill-fitting scrubs, the exposure to pathogens is highly increased and the uniform can also prove to be an obstruction and irritation to the medical professional. Often it is assumed that style must be sacrificed for the sake of efficiency, which is not the case if one follows a few guidelines when choosing scrubs that fit perfectly. Vini’s range of customisable medical hospitality uniforms made for comfort and functionality serve as the premier choice for all medical uniform requirements.

Some helpful guidelines to keep in mind for women when choosing well-fit scrubs are:

  1. Size and Measurements: It is always wise to be aware of and to take one’s measurements precisely before selecting the preferred medical uniform. Ill-fitting scrubs are more of a hindrance and can affect functionality. Trying on various sizes and dimensions of scrubs before settling on the preferred fit is essential and one must be able to stretch and move around in the uniform with ease and comfort.
  2. Fabric: To withstand extensive hours of physically demanding work, scrubs must be stitched with fabric that allows the wearer to be comfortable but also allows the uniform a certain purview of wear and tear. As a result of the extent of work demanded, the scrubs will have to undergo a significant amount of exposure to chemicals and external substances. At Vini’s range of medical hospitality uniforms, opt from premium fabrics which can endure the demands of the profession without sacrificing comfort and durability.
  3. Pockets: Scrubs must have a sufficient number of pockets to hold the various gadgets and tools required by medical staff on a daily basis. Women healthcare workers must ensure that their scrubs are fitted with a reasonable number of pockets with sufficient depth in order to allow one’s hands to be free and unincumbered.
  4. Colour: There is a plethora of colours to choose from if one chooses to buy medical uniforms online. Scrub uniforms can be distinguishable for each department by colour or even different shades of the same colour in order to display conformity. Grey, white, blue, and green are often chosen as favourites, and mixing and matching various shades can prove to brighten up the medical atmosphere.  
  5. Features: Depending on the design, scrubs may offer various features such as antimicrobial fabric, mesh vents for ventilation, knit panels for movement, and drawstring or elastic waists. Choose from Vini’s hospitality uniforms which combine comfort and style to ensure well-fitted scrubs for all.
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