The advantages of wearing schools uniforms

The debate surrounding the advantages of wearing school uniforms versus whether school uniforms should not be mandatory attire for children has been a point of contention through the years. However, the benefits of wearing a uniform have always far outweighed the drawbacks. The process of purchasing a school uniform has also been simplified by the recent emergence of trusted and verified websites from where parents can now buy school uniforms online without wasting time and avoiding any further hassle.

In this era of modernity, it might appear to some as autocratic to enforce a mandatory uniform dress code among school-going children. However, it is a popular opinion of many child psychologists that children who are required to wear a uniform each day are better adjusted and disciplined than those who are allowed to dress casually for school.

Here are some of the advantages of wearing a school uniform:

  1. Equality and Uniformity- By wearing the same uniform as one’s classmates, greater cohesion and commonality is generated, as pre-conceived ideas which might negatively influence a child’s growth and development are eliminated. When all children wear the same uniform, the playing field is levelled and there is no desire for competing with one another. Instead, a feeling of oneness and uniformity is imbibed and dispersed among all. The uniform also equalises all children and removes any prejudice that might arise with regard to differences of one’s socio-economic backgrounds, gender or otherwise.
  2. Safe and Practical- School uniforms ensure that children dress appropriately for the purpose of learning and are not unnecessarily distracted by what others are wearing or what they might have which they themselves do not possess. Uniforms ensure a pragmatism in children by removing the tension of deciding what to wear each day, better allowing them to focus on their academic and co-curricular activities. It is not always possible for all students to keep up with fashion trends and this could cause an environment of envy and jealousy among children which could hamper their school experience. Instead, uniforms allow children to be better focused on the school tasks at hand allowing for a more focused learning environment. Parents can also buy school uniforms online, thus streamlining the process of shopping and allowing for time to be saved and less energy wasted in the gruelling task.
  3. Less Potential for Bullying- Uniforms eliminate obvious socio-economic differences among children as all students are required to wear the same attire each day. Sometimes, allowing children to choose their own clothes can create disparity with regard to one’s gender, sex and background which can lead to extreme bullying and harassment for some children. Instead, uniforms dispel any situation in which this might occur and ensure uniformity and equality among all children irrespective of minor differences.
  4. Sense of Belonging- School uniforms promote school spirit and encourage students to feel like they all belong together as part of a unified family. They also help to generate a sense of pride and further motivate students to function as a team. When students represent their school at any competition or inter-school events, the school uniform makes them feel fiercely loyal to their school and thus, they will further aim to make an effort to uphold the reputation of their school. 

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