Know! Why Do Lawyers Wear Black Coat?

Performing duties of providing legal guidance and advice is mainly what the lawyer does. They are clearly the way for reaching out to the authorities and courts in a legal matter. They represent large organizations that surely rake in the profits. However, it is the willingness to uphold justice for the needs ones that make lawyers a medium or force to be counted with. An Indian lawyer uniform makes it mandatory to wear a black coat or robe teamed with a white neckband on the neck. Irrespective of the side of the petitioner, they have a similar dress code. What a lawyers coat black says about the people who conduct research and analysis of legal matters is of great importance. At Vinis, we will help you figure out what the right message to put out is.     

  • Recognition- Every profession has a certain dress code. People who belong to a specific profession are recognized by their dress code. Similarly, lawyers are recognized by their black and white attire. Indian lawyers have one of the most elegant dress codes as compared to other professions.  
  • Hope- In every legal battle, the lawyer is the only hope of justice. Hence, this color of hope is chosen to make people trust the judicial system.   
  • Dominance and authority- The dress code of the lawyer represent submission to a specific thing. The black color of a lawyer denotes submission to justice.  
  • Deterrence- There is a reason why lawyers need to dress smart and formally. A normal dress will not reflect respect or authority. A lawyer’s uniform signifies confidence and discipline so the dress code should also display authority and power. Deterrence and the right to provide legal assistance to people are essential in society. The decorum that the lawyer needs to maintain should be reflected not only in the power but also in the uniform.       

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