What does a security uniform say about you?

What does a security uniform say about you?

When one enters a mall, office or any facility nowadays, the first encounter is most often is with the security guards on duty there. Whether it’s the guards at a parking facility, at entry doors or even stationed outside an ATM, they are critical parts of our daily lives. They set the tonality of our interactions thereafter. Thus, guards and especially their security guard uniforms form a key role in what your organization wants to portray to the outside world. 

What a security uniform says about the men who guard your fort is of utmost importance. We help you figure out what the right message to put out is, and how to figure it out. 


The key purpose of a security uniform is how it can make a person stand out in a crowd. It’s about being recognizable and easily identifiable. So, when you’re looking for a security uniform online or offline, make sure you pick one that won’t blend in at all. In an emergency, the uniform should be one that people can spot with ease. 


There’s a reason a security uniform needs to be formal, standardized and smart. A casual t-shirt won’t command respect or authority, neither would pop colors. A standard color, a serious but smart look is essential to stop miscreants from creating a nuisance. A security guard uniform should be one that exudes authority and power. Deterrence, and stopping people from being unruly is essential in public spaces, so make sure you check out some good security guard uniforms online before placing an order. 

Pride in Uniformity
While the word ‘uniform’ makes it abundantly clear, having standardization helps group all these persons better, but what is important is that they also wear it with pride. After all, they are representatives of your company. They are people who should be respected, as they are the ones who people bank on for safety. The uniform thus, should be a symbol of pride and honor.

Company patch and name 

While buying a security uniform online, choose a design where you can incorporate the company name, the person’s name and the word ‘security’. It adds value, when you add the company name; the guards are easier to approach when they have a name tag and the word ‘security’ adds a sense of authority, as well as decorum. Without their names, they are often referred to as “security” which is not only dehumanizing, but can also get confusing. 

Vinis security guard uniforms caters to all the above customisations, and can help you with the best possible options for security guard uniforms

Sector of work

It is important to choose an uniform that goes with the sector of work, for example, malls often choose browns or darker colors where offices choose blues and whites.  Vinis security guard uniforms can help you with this choice, and explain further of what color would suit your company guards the best. 

All in all, what the security uniform says about a person goes a long way in setting the tonality of a company. It should be chosen well, after due and thorough consideration of all the points mentioned above. 

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